A Shepard’s Journey - Pt.1
Mass Effect 1 - 2012 (Revisited 2016)

A Shepard’s Journey is an in-game photography project that was completed in the spring of 2012 shortly after the release of Mass Effect 3. This project was a massive undertaking that covered literally every level of all three games in it’s original release of over 800 shots.

The aim for this project was to be a final tribute to a game series I deeply loved. A way to say farewell to a story of a shepard’s journey to save his flock (and many other flocks) from a pack of wolves like none other. I decided to end the series at the moments just before the final decision, as I admittedly despised the ending. Regardless, I love Mass Effect and this was my way to show this love and give back to the developers and fans alike.

Joshua Taylor, December 2016

All photographs taken by Joshua Taylor.

All content within photographs property of Bioware Games.

A Shepard’s Journey was featured on VideoGameTourism, HuffingtonPost, Fstoppers, and the essay, “Virtual Light: Exploring In-Game Photography and Photo History”.

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