Gods of the Heavens
EVE Online - 2012

Gods of the Heavens is an in-game photography project completed in the summer of 2012. It is more or less a tribute to EVE Online’s magnificent scenery and artwork; as just before the idea for this project came to fruition, I had decided I would quit the game for good after seven years of playing.

On the keyword of magnificent, the idea of doing a project specifically making an attempt at displaying the magnificence of EVE was in part due to a set of fan trailers that I saw: “Dreams” by sbfs and “Dreams of Yasur” by Valdezi. These two individuals – be it through video editing, their voice, and/or their writing ability – displayed EVE Online in a way, that to me, was absolutely breathtaking. So on the cusp of leaving EVE Online, I re-watched these two trailers, inspiring me to do a “bittervets” tribute of my own – a last salute to a lot of great and heartbreaking memories – to EVE Online. o7

Josh Taylor, March 2012

All photographs by Josh Taylor

Content within photographs property of CCP Games.

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