PhotoWorld China Feature

PhotoWorld China Feature Taking a brief moment to announce that I was interviewed for the Chinese magazine PhotoWorld…

Xbox Outdoor Advertising

Xbox Outdoor Advertising What a wonderful experience doing this for McCann London back near the end of 2018….

photographies: vol.11

PHOTOGRAPHIES: VOLUME 11, 2018 – ISSUE 2-3 A few months ago Professor Winfried Gerling of the University of…

An Introduction

AN INTRODUCTION AND THIS BLOG’S PURPOSE AN INTRODUCTION Hi there! My name is Joshua Taylor, I’ve been participating…

Hello! My name is Joshua Taylor, I capture photographs of people, places, and things in the mediums of digital, analog and most notably a newer practice called Virtual Photography.

This blog is where I share my perspective on the world of video games and it’s relation to photography, provide helpful resources, showcase work/projects, share inspirations among other things.