About Joshua Taylor

Joshua Taylor is a Richmond, Virginia based self-taught freelance photographer. In 2007 he began his photographic journey with a Canon Powershot A80 and a three week trip to Europe. Ever since, he has used his free time and continued travels to develop his skills in various photography disciplines. Aside from his digital and analog photography, Joshua’s most notable work is his continued practice within; where he strives to celebrate the virtual worlds, characters, and artwork found throughout video games using a photographic perspective. His work is represented through Josh Taylor Creative and previous names such as //NOTRL and JTGP.


Josh’s virtual photography has been featured on the HuffingtonPost, IGN, Nvidia, Killscreen, Escena, and fstoppers in America; In Europe with McCann London, University of Milan, Routledge Taylor & Francis, WIRED Italy, RockpaperShotgun, Die Zeit, Polka Magazine, thegap, fotomuseum, and VideoGameTourism; and in Asia, his work has been featured in Photo World Magazine of Beijing, China.


Aside from his photography aspirations, Josh is an avid gamer, coffee roasting aficionado, radio control hobbyist, and budding craft beer enthusiast. Currently shuffling between playing Star Citizen Alpha, Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and eagerly awaiting the release of a Stellaris Star Wars mod. Best cup of coffee was from a Tanzanian Peaberry medium roast in 2011. Races a Kyosho 1:28 scale Mini-Z MR-03 on a monthly basis. Current favorite beer is a Stone Brewing “///Fear.Movie.Lions” Unfiltered Double IPA.


Joshua Taylor


Josh’s instagram is @joshtaylorcreative
Josh’s flickr is /joshtaylorcreative.
Josh’s email is joshtaylorcreative@gmail.com
Josh’s twitter is @joshtaylorphoto